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In service training programmes and workshops are available. We will tailor course content to meet the specific needs of the school and staff.
The following list does not cover all available courses but is intended to give you an idea of the range available.
  • Auditory and Visual processing difficulties. (the effect on individuals, their learning and communication. This workshop includes information on detecting individuals at risk and guidance on classroom management)

  • Autistics Spectrum Disorders including Asperger's Syndrome. (individuals with these difficulties require a great deal of support within the integrated classroom. In this workshop you will learn about how these difficulties uniquely affect an individual's ability to communicate and focus. We will give you guidance on classroom management and advice on how to cope with these youngsters in your classroom)

  • Cognitive skills. (what are cognitive skills and how do them affect our learning & how can you encourage real thinking in your classroom)

  • Dyslexia. (a dyslexic youngster requires extra help in order to cope with his/her work. Guidelines for identification of at risk individuals are given as with the right support they are able to reach their full potential. Strategies for presentation of work and ways in which you, as teacher, can improve access for dyslexic youngsters are covered in this workshop)

  • Numerical Literacy. (many youngsters simply cannot 'deal' with numbers, this workshop looks at the difficulties behind this problem and offers advice on overcoming them)

  • Phono-graphix. (one day in house workshops and full five day training. In house training is available in how to teach Phono-graphix, the highly successful phonics based reading programme that is used extensively throughout the UK. Phono-graphix meets all of the current targets set by the Inspectorate for the teaching of reading and reading skills. It is a flexible system that works as well with new readers as with remedial readers)

  • Sound Therapy. (training workshops that enable schools, clinics or individuals to implement the programme within their own setting. Go to Sound Foundations Workshop for an online copy of information and booking)

  • Mediated Learning and Teaching skills. (the language used and its interaction with pupils can be crucial to their learning, this workshop explains how to improve your communication skills in the classroom situation)

The above list is a brief guide to the areas of training/workshops not a definitive list.

For full details of these and other courses, please contact the Centre for an information pack and costs.

We can also organise training to meet your specific needs.

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