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Sound Foundations

A workshop that explains how listening affects learning

Sound Foundation Workshops are a practical and easy way to learn about the importance of processing auditory information correctly in order to improve academic and communication skills. The way that we process sound affects not only our learning and behaviour, but our ability to interact with others, our ability to concentrate, focus, and be creative and sociable.

Problems with auditory processing can affect children and adults to such an extent that their overall quality of life is impaired. Poor auditory processing can impinge on reading, writing, spelling, comprehension, communication, behaviour, attention and concentration, co-ordination, balance, and it may also be associated with anxiety problems.

Sound Foundation Workshops have been created to show how important efficient auditory processing is and how it can be improved. These workshops are intended for health and education professionals, special needs teachers, social workers, parents and anyone with an interest in improving performance.

No prior knowledge is needed; full training is given at the workshop.

  • The importance of hearing and listening and how they are different
  • How to recognise and test for poor auditory processing abilities
  • The principles and practice of Sound Therapy
  • How auditory processing affects academic performance
  • How to improve your pupils' auditory processing and listening skills thus improving academic results

Auditory processing is the basis for much of our social and academic development; it affects how well we can understand and process the spoken word. There may be problems when too many people are speaking at once, or when someone speaks too quickly, it may be hard to distinguish similar sounds or difficult to remember what was said.

The Listening Programme is an easy to use programme that provides auditory stimulation; it can be used within a school or other formal setting as well as at home. Created by a multi-disciplinary team that includes Doctor and a Speech and Language specialist, the Listening Programme uses music and sound stimulation to train the auditory system.

The Listening Programme can be used with people of all ages.
It can help with;
*Auditory Processing Difficulties *Learning difficulties *Dyslexia *Dyspraxia *Autistic Spectrum Disorders *Attention Deficits Disorders *Behavioural Problems *Speech & Language problems *Communication difficulties.
*Cocktail Party Syndrome *Poor Sleep Habits *Anxiety.
We can provide testing, support and programmes.

The Listening Programme is widely used in state and private schools, and a variety of clinics. It can be used as a stand alone programme or in conjunction with other remediation techniques or therapies.

Delegates to the Sound Workshops will be shown how to implement and manage the programme within their own setting.

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