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Is your child struggling to keep up with his/her peers?

The Centre's programmes are designed to work on all of your child's difficulties at the same time and to provide any academic tuition that is required to help your child 'catch-up' with his/her peers.

When a parent becomes aware that his/her child is not managing as well as their friends or siblings they become concerned. It may be that he/she can't manage academically or simply that he/she seems to be 'alone' and not part of the group.

There are many reasons why this may be happening; it could be a processing difficulty, a language difficulty, an inability to relate to others or that other children perceive them to be 'different'.

It is important to get to the 'root' of the problem as soon as possible since behavioural difficulties often come into play as a child develops his/her own coping strategies.

Children need to reach certain cognitive 'milestones' in a particular order so that they have the tools to learn academically. Some children have 'gaps' in their skills and abilities that prevent them from learning optimally. The Cognitive therapy, which is part of our programme attempts to restructure the learning 'ladder', being sure to fill in the areas where there are no 'rungs'.

Just as you can look but not really 'see', so you can listen but not really 'hear'. Visual and auditory therapy are can make a real difference to the processing skills of an individual, through a vision training programme and the Listening programme we help individuals to learn how to actively and accurately process incoming information.

Body control, or lack of it can also be a key factor in failure to learn; when the brain has to use too much energy to control the movements of the body, whether those are active movements or simply sitting still, it causes an 'overload' resulting in reduced thinking and processing energy. It is hard to count accurately when you are trying to stand on one foot on a narrow beam!!!

By assessing all areas of a child's performance, both mental and physical we are able to build a picture that tells us what is causing the difficulties, to identify 'holes' in thinking and knowledge and to design a programme that will target your child's needs.

We believe in helping parents to help their children so we like you to be with us at all stages of your child's programme. We will give you guidance and support and knowledge so that you can continue to work with your child between visits.

We provide parents with a detailed report and guidelines that can be used both as part of our programmes and to help a school better tailor its provision to the needs of the child.

Browsing through our 'Quick Indicators to Difficulties' will give you some idea of what may be wrong.

Contact us to arrange a meeting and an Assessment and Evaluation appointment.

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