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We provide workshops for parents to help them deal with their children's difficulties. These workshops can be provided for support groups or parents can attend a workshop at their nearest Centre.
If you belong to a support group and would like a speaker, we can help, simply call us and we will try to arrange a speaker for you.

Workshops include:
  • Bright Start. (the development of 'thinking' skills is the key to successful learning in and out of school. This workshop series helps parent to learn how to help children develop core cognitive skills essential to their learning)

  • Parenting Skills. (managing children's behaviour is never an easy task, this workshop gives guidelines, advice and deals with your particular problems)

  • Coping with Homework. (how to help your child with the least stress to you and your family)

  • Why can children be so difficult? (this workshop looks at how children see the world and how you can help them to make the best of everything)

Maths used to be so difficult for my son, the Lea ...
Mr Brunner, Perth
As parents, we are delighted with the progress ou ...
Mr West, Perthshire
My four year old son was not even coping with nur ...
Mrs Mackie, Aberdeen
My daughter was failing to cope at school, the Ce ...
Mr Johnston, London
For more information, call us on +44 (0)7713 151579