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The following is a guide to what will take place when you bring your child to the Centre for assessment.

First Assessment

The first assessment can take up to three hours, during which time we will evaluate where the difficulties lie and determine whether our programme is suitable. Reports will be written and a full appraisal of findings will occur at the Conference which takes place between parents/carer and assessor at the Centre.

Client History

  • The client history can reveal if there are other reasons or causes for the client's difficulties.
  • Mineral Check.
Visual Processing

  • Vision Screening to examine the competency of visual processing.
Auditory Processing

  • Auditory Processing is assessed to evaluate client's ability to process aural input.
Cognitive Profile

  • A performance based assessment and if appropriate a CAT that assesses an individual's ability to reason with and to manipulate different types of material; Verbal, Quantitative and Non-verbal.
General and Discriminative Movement

  • Evaluates sensory integration and the client's movement thinking.
Educational Assessment

  • We test reading skills, spelling and comprehension skills.
  • Mathematical competency is evaluated so that we can understand how the client processes written and mathematical information.
These assessments provide us with a baseline against which we can evaluate progress.

Following the completion of the assessment, parents/carer will be advised, in general terms, of the profile that has emerged. Recommendation for appropriate therapies that are home based is made and if appropriate these programmes started. These may include:
  • Vision training.
  • Sound therapy.
  • An exercise programme.
  • Cognitive skills work.

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