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Your Report

You will receive two copies of the report; we advise that a copy is kept for reference. A copy can be given to the school. We do not send reports directly to schools or other parties, but leave this to your discretion. We are willing to communicate directly with the school if you wish.

Parent's Report

This includes:
  1. Full details of the results of the assessment.
  2. Explanation of the results and diagnosis.
  3. Explanation of how the child is affected and any useful management strategies.
  4. Recommendations on appropriate therapy.
Report For Schools

This includes:
  1. Outline of the assessment.
  2. Academic assessment results.
  3. An explanation of how the child is affected with respect to performance and behaviour at school.
  4. Some suggestions of management strategies to help the child in class.
  5. Recommendations for support.
Conference - 1/2 weeks after assessment

  • Check on progress of home based therapies.
  • Discuss planned programme and time commitment.

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