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Auditory Processing, the way that we process sound, affects not only our learning and behaviour, but our ability to interact with others, our ability to concentrate, to focus, to be creative and sociable.

Problems with auditory processing can affect children and adults to such an extent that their overall quality of life is impaired. Poor auditory processing can impinge on reading, writing, spelling, comprehension, communication, behaviour, attention and concentration, co-ordination and balance. It may also be associated with anxiety problems.

An auditory processing disorder is a receptive language disorder. It refers to difficulties in the decoding and storing of auditory information (usually incoming verbal messages/speech). This type of receptive language disorder can have many causal factors that may not be identified, it is however possible to test for and to treat.

As a parent you may be aware that it may sometimes seem as if your child is not listening or does not take in what you have said. The following list may cover some or most of the things that you have noticed.
  • Talks or likes T.V. louder than normal.
  • Often needs remarks, instructions etc repeated.
  • Difficulty sounding out words especially unfamiliar ones.
  • "Ignores" people, especially if engrossed in an activity.
  • Unusually sensitive to sounds.
  • Is uncomfortable in places where there is a lot of noise or the acoustics are poor e.g. shops, swimming pool, parties.
  • Asks lots of extra informational questions as if to check the original information.
  • Confuses similar sounding words.
  • Difficulty remembering and following directions in series.
  • Speech developed late or is unclear.
  • Poor "communicator", tends to come across as terse.
  • Poor recall of oral information.
  • "Comprehends" better when looking at speaker.
  • Difficulty understanding rapid speech.
If you find yourself ticking several items we would advise you to contact the Centre for further assessment.

For people with auditory processing difficulties, we recommend sound therapy. At the Centre we use the Listening Programme which is a music and sound stimulation method designed to train the auditory system. This innovative system may be used by people of all ages to enhance listening skills and remediate auditory processing difficulties.
The Listening Programme is an easy to use, home based system that can be used as a stand-alone sound stimulation programme or adjunct to other therapies. The Centre monitors and supports the programme which takes eight weeks to run.

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