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Therapy & Training Progs

Training Programme

  • Our cognitive therapy programme, directed by a tutor, is based on a series of highly specialised activities that challenge thinking and help to develop sound thinking skills in all areas. Session with a tutor, may include as appropriate activities in some or all of the following areas:

    • General & Discriminative movement
    • Visual thinking
    • Visual - Logic
    • Visual - Auditory
    • Hand Thinking
    • Receptive & Expressive Language
    • Visual Motor
    • Representational Thought
    • Visual Math
    • Cognitive Skills

  • If required specialist teaching in reading, language and maths skills will be given.


As part of your child's programme we may advise Auditory, Visual or Exercise programmes. These programmes are organised and monitored by the Centre but do require a time input at home.

All programmes are designed to be home based and are easy to manage. The time commitment is not big but does depend on the therapies required.

Full training for the parent/carer supervising the programme is given and telephone support is always available.

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