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About Us

The Learning and Development Centre is an independent source of assessment, therapy, advice, help and training in the field of learning and processing difficulties.

We have the expertise and support to meet all your needs.

We look at and deal with the underlying causes of learning and behavioural problems, providing lasting solutions.

We provide an independent assessment service that takes an holistic view of your child,indicating strenghts and the areas that need support. This profile is used to plan a programme of therapy /training to help your child overcome the diffiulties and achieve their full potential.

The Centre can provide therapy and training matched to your child's profile.

We help you to support and work with the child at home or in the classroom.

We help with Literacy and Numeracy problems for adults and children.

We offer training to parents and professionals.

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For more information, call us on +44 (0)7713 151579