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Dr William Marshall BSc.PhD

Dr Marshall gained his Doctorate in Behavioural Studies at The University of Edinburgh. He taught for many years in both the private and state sectors and was for nine years, the Head teacher of a school specialising in providing education for youngsters with a range of learning difficulties; here he developed curriculum and teaching methods to bring out the best in even the most challenged youngsters.

Through his work with youngsters who have Autistic Spectrum difficulties, he developed practical skills in working with these youngsters and their families. His doctoral studies provided him with the skills needed to work with behaviourally challenging youngsters.

His experience as a classroom teacher means that he has a deep understanding of how to teach effectively according to an individuals learning style, it also ensures that any management advice he gives is teacher 'friendly'. He has extensive experience in the setting up and managing of Records of Need/Statements and has many contacts within management services. He is able to advice parents on issues related to their children's educational needs.

He has trained in movement therapy for Dyspraxia and is a Certified provider of Sound Therapy techniques. Skills learned in America are used to provide vision training.

At the Centre he participates in the cognitive and academic assessment of children, adolescents and adults. He is involved in planning and monitoring programmes, he also works with clients on their individually planned therapy programmes.

Dr Marshall lectures in schools and colleges, provides counselling to parents, families and individuals and organises workshops and in service training for schools and businesses.

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