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Anne Marshall, Bsc Hons, PGCSE, RSA Dip.SpLd, PGCSEN

Anne Marshall has taught in both the private and state sectors. Her keen interest in learning difficulties, particularly literacy and cognitive skills, lead her to specific studies in these areas.
She is trained as a therapist in the highly effective Phono-graphix (read america) reading programme which has proved very successful with learners of all ages. Her experience with the Language Wise (read america) Programme is used directly with clients and as part of planned programmes.

Anne is also qualified to use Feuerstein's Instruments of Enrichment, the Centre finds these to be a valuable part of programmes, helping to build Cognitive Thinking skills. She uses the Bright Start Programme for both challenged youngsters and to provide children aged 3-6 with a real advantage in school.

As a certified provider of Sound Therapy, she is able to diagnose and treat auditory processing difficulties. Skills learned in America are used to provide vision training.

At the Centre she participates in cognitive and academic assessment of children, adolescents and adults. She is involved in planning and monitoring programmes, she also works with clients on their individually planned therapy programmes.

Anne is also involved in running workshops, in service training programmes and in providing support for the families of clients at the Centre.

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