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Quick Guide to Indicate the Possibility of Dyspraxia

Those who have Developmental Dyspraxia will display some of the following symptoms. Others who have an unspecified developmental coordination disorder may also display many of these without having a motor planning difficulty. These symptoms are not unique to Dyspraxia and are intended only as a guide.
It should be noted that there are other medical conditions that can cause the same symptoms.
  • Difficulties with motor planning.
  • Difficulty with sequencing tasks and handling information in sequence.
  • Poor fine motor skills such as drawing, writing, making jigsaws, tying shoelaces, fastening buttons, may have a poor grip.
  • Poor gross motor skills such as riding a bike, throwing and catching, hopping and skipping.
  • Poor balance.
  • Poor spatial awareness easily gets lost.
  • Poor body awareness.
  • Tactile defensiveness - many activities that involve contact can result in problem behaviour such as showers, nail cutting.
  • May dislike crowds.
  • May be a faddy eater.
If you find yourself ticking several items we would advise you to contact the Centre for further assessment.

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