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Quick Guide to Indicate the Possibility of Dyslexia

Dyslexia is one of several distinct learning disabilities. If you or any of your related family have experienced reading difficulties, it is more likely that your children may have a problem. It is not easy to diagnose as each person tends to have a different profile of problems. Dyslexia has associated language development problems.
These symptoms are not unique to Dyslexia and are intended only as a guide.
  • Speech developed late or is unclear.
  • Difficulty repeating or saying multisyllable words.
  • Poor vocabulary so 'goes round' the word when speaking.
  • Difficulty with organisation and planning tasks.
  • Frequently muddles left and right both on self and as directions.
  • Not good at learning and repeating nursery rhymes and ditties.
  • Difficulty remembering oral instructions especially if several items are given in sequence.
  • Finds it hard to remember common sequences such as days of week, months, and tables.
  • Awkward pencil grip and poor writing skills.
  • Poor coordination, finds it hard to ride a bike, skip, hop, swim, throw and catch.
  • Not consistent in handedness.
  • Others in the family with 'reading/language' difficulties.
If you find yourself ticking several items we would advise you to contact the Centre for further assessment and advice.

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